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HIRE the BEST of the BEST       35 Years ExperienceCall 586-292-6143 beaconlighthomeinspections.com 





The Photos (with Delux Inspection Package)

When we find potential problem areas while inspecting your home, we will take digital photographs of those problems.  You will receive your approximately 80 - 120 photos the same evening of your inspection by E-mail. The more important j-peg photos will contain explanations &/or suggestions to fix these problems.


We Welcome You to Join Us (for ALL Inspections)

We encourage you, the Buyer or Seller, to accompany the Inspector during the home inspection. This facilitates your understanding of the B.A.R. we review and endorse at the conference at the end of our inspection.


(with Delux Inspection Package).... "We inspect a representative number of doors and windows by opening and closing them. We check for misalignment, locks that do not work, fogging of thermal glass panes, chipped windows, missing window screens and bedroom egress size problems."


(for ALL Inspections) .... In the kitchen - we inspect all cabinet doors and drawers, and check for improper closing or fit, loose hinges, or interferences with appliances. We also check faucets, drains,  and disposals.  We test for GFI compliant electrical outlets within 6 feet of any sink edge.


Low Costs: We offer two (2) pricing structures for every size, type and age of home.

First  "General (Standrd) Home Iinspection" we give you the same inspection most Certified Home Inspectors provide.

Then for the client who wants us to inspect everything, we can provide you our "DELUX Home Inspection." We go into areas only inspectors with a Builders License and years of multiple trade experience can provide.


We, at Beacon Light, offer you a high quality home inspection at a low competitive price.  We understand our clients concerns and worries, and want you to know all the facts so you can make a decision.


About Beacon Light

Beacon Light has been performing home inspections for twenty years. Every home inspection is different. We do not rubber stamp our reports based on a similar home. Each home has different issues.


We also provide building inspection service. Building inspections have been performed for several landlords wishing to purchase multi-story apartment buildings in neighboring communities. A building inspection takes a little longer and costs slightly more, but it is well worth the investment. We can provide you with references if you wish.


Other Inspection Services:

Radon testing; Water Analysis; Property (Land) Inspection; Lead Paint testing; and Mold testing. We provide limited inspections of wells and septic systems in many counties. (We do not remove lead or mold.)


David A. Wilemski, President of Beacon Light Home Inspections, LLC

Why Should You Choose Beacon Light?

We understand your situation. When buying a home you have a small window of time in order to make a very important decision. (Usually 5 to 7 days). We know you want to make that decision with confidence and you want straight answers to assist you with the home buying process. Emergency response available when possible.


The Reports

Realtors, Buyers and Sellers find our 19-page Building Analysis Report (B.A.R.) a valuable tool in determining the present condition of the home. We use the LEADING Home Inspection B.A.R. - Designed by Home Tech Inc.® The more thorough the report - the more things DO NOT get overlooked. You will receive the original first set and also the third set of copies in booklet form. We keep the middle yellow carbon copies. You will receive this written report at the end of the inspection before we leave the site. We email you the edited pictures we take sometimes that same day or the next morning at that latest. We take 80 to 120 jpeg pictures on average.



After months of hard work we now have a bulletproof solution that will offer our customers the best inspecting platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do you need a home inspection?

Buying a home is most likely the largest investment anyone will ever make. A home inspection lets you know the condition of the property BEFORE you close on it. You should have a clear understanding about the property and feel confident about the purchase of YOUR new home. Beacon Light documents all major problems and checks for future problems to give you the peace of mind you need.  We also (sometimes) bring up safety items and point out a few possible liability issues.


When does the buyer schedule a home inspection?

After you have made an offer to purchase and before closing is the best time. Have your Attorney or Real Estate Agent include an "Inspection Clause" in the contract! This makes your purchase contingent upon the findings of a professional home inspection.

Michigan Registered Code official & inspector

  • MI State Building Inspector and Building Plan Reviewer. (Worked  for Ira Township) 2017 & 2018.
  • Business registered in Chesterfield Township, MI
  • Current Michigan Residential Builder's License for over 35 years;
  • Past, Pro Home Inspector by InterNACHI
  • Bonded Macomb County Notary Public
  • 5 year past member of the Anchor Bay Chamber of Commerce.
  • BBB rating of A+
  • Our Chief Inspector was the chairperson on Chesterfield Township's "Building Authority"
  • He was also on the Roseville City Planning Commission for three years.


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